How Much Did Jake Paul Make Boxing Ben Askren? – UPDATE 2023.

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Jake Paul is one of the most influential figures in the world of entertainment today. The 23-year-old internet sensation and social media star has built a massive fan base on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. He’s also become a professional boxer and recently made headlines for his highly anticipated fight against former MMA fighter Ben Askren.

Paul is a controversial figure, as many have criticized him for his outrageous behavior in videos and his tendency to stir up drama with other celebrities. Nevertheless, he has been able to leverage his fame into lucrative business opportunities like boxing matches and endorsement deals. His fight against Askren was broadcasted on pay-per-view, making it an extremely profitable venture for everyone involved. The question now is how much did Jake Paul make from fighting Askren?

The world of boxing recently got a major boost when Youtuber Jake Paul stepped into the ring to battle fellow celebrity, Ben Askren. It was an event that had all eyes on it as fans and observers waited to see who would come out victorious. The fight itself lasted for only a few minutes but it certainly made an impact on both fighters, and especially Jake Paul’s bank account.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren.

Jake Paul is an American internet personality, actor, and professional boxer. He gained fame through his YouTube channel where he has over 20 million subscribers. His most recent match was against mixed martial artist Ben Askren, which occurred on April 17th, 2021.

The fight didn’t last long; it ended in only one round with a knockout from Jake Paul. This win granted him his third boxing victory and simultaneously caused a massive stir among the media and celebrity circles. People began discussing their opinions about the fight – some argued that it was unfair for a professional boxer to be matched up against someone who hadn’t had the same amount of training as them, while others believed that it was an entertaining match that shook up the world of combat sports for good. So how much did jake paul make boxing Ben Askren?

How Much Did Jake Paul Make Boxing Ben Askren?

Jake Paul’s boxing match against Ben Askren on April 17th of 2021 was a huge money-maker for the professional YouTuber and social media star. Reportedly, Paul made around $20 million from the fight in total profits. This large sum was earned through numerous revenue streams such as pay-per-view buys, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

Coming off his successful victory over fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib in January 2020, Paul attracted enormous attention from fans and curious onlookers across the world. His split decision win against Askren thus allowed him to reap massive financial rewards from this bout. With a reported high number of PPV orders sold both domestically and internationally, he was able to earn millions of dollars just through that avenue alone.

Background: Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is a professional boxer, YouTube sensation, and social media influencer. Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1997, Jake Paul gained fame through YouTube videos he created with his brother Logan. In 2017, he was named one of the most influential people on the internet by Time Magazine. He has amassed an impressive following of over 20 million subscribers on YouTube and 13 million followers on Instagram.

Jake Paul has also become a successful boxer since making his debut in 2019. Throughout his boxing career, he has had six bouts and won all of them by knockout or technical knockout. His most notable win was against former NBA star Nate Robinson in 2020 which made headlines around the world due to its unusual nature. He currently holds an undefeated record as well as being ranked #7 Light Heavyweight in the United States according to BoxRec rankings.

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Details of Fight: Date and Venue.

The highly anticipated fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren is taking place on the 17th of April 2021. The venue chosen for the event is Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta in Georgia. This will be an 8 rounds professional boxing match under the Welterweight division which has created an immense buzz amongst fans all around the world as both competitors are known for their strong personalities and fighting styles.

Jake Paul is a famous YouTuber and social media sensation who made his debut in a professional boxing match against fellow internet celebrity AnEsonGib back in January 2020. On the other hand, Ben Askren is an MMA expert with a vast list of achievements including being the Bellator Welterweight Champion and ONE Championship welterweight champion too. With this impressive record to his name, he brings great experience to the ring making it even more challenging for Jake Paul to defeat him.

Payouts and Revenues: What did Jake Paul Make?

When it comes to money and entertainment, few names come up more than Jake Paul. The social media star and YouTube sensation has earned a fortune for himself in the past decade or so. Recently, Jake Paul made headlines when he fought former MMA champion, Ben Askren, in an exhibition boxing match. This fight generated huge amounts of payout and revenues for both fighters, with Jake Paul earning the lion’s share of the profits from pay-per-views as well as sponsorship deals.

The exact numbers were not released by either camp but speculations put Jake Paul’s revenue from this fight at around $2 million dollars after accounting for his payment from Triller, sponsorships, and other revenue sources like merchandise sales.

Criticisms of Fight: Controversy Surrounding Event.

The recent boxing match between YouTube star Jake Paul and former MMA fighter Ben Askren has sparked debate and criticism in the sports world. With Jake Paul winning by a first-round knockout, many have argued that the fight was too one-sided to be taken seriously as an athletic competition. Not only were both fighters inexperienced in the ring, but fans accused the promoter of exploiting their respective fame for financial gain.

The controversy surrounding this event has been fueled by some of its particular elements, such as the outlandish pre-fight antics and press conferences. While some found them entertaining, others viewed it as a mockery of professional sportsmanship; with little respect paid to Askren’s legitimate background in combat sports. Furthermore, many questioned why someone like Askren would even agree to such an uneven matchup against someone who had no prior boxing experience.

Aftermath and Analysis: Impact on Careers.

The fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren was one of the most highly anticipated events in recent memory. Both celebrities had massive followings and left fans on the edge of their seats awaiting the results. After months of hype, speculation, and intense build-up to the April 17th event, it ended in under a minute with Paul emerging as the victor. This shock result has caused huge reverberations throughout both fighters’ careers with each preparing for different outcomes.

For Jake Paul, his win against Askren allows him to establish himself as a legitimate boxer rather than just an internet celebrity looking for attention. It brings legitimacy to his previous performance against former NBA player Nate Robinson, showing that he is serious about his boxing career rather than performing stunts for views. He already has numerous endorsement deals arranged and can now use this win as another bargaining chip going forward in negotiations.

Conclusion: Reflection on Fight.

The Jake Paul vs Askren fight was an interesting spectacle to behold. It marked the first time that a professional boxer faced off against a professional mixed martial artist in a highly publicized boxing match. The much-anticipated fight ended with Jake Paul being declared the victor, winning by technical knockout after Askren was unable to continue past the first round. Despite this decisive outcome, it is clear that both fighters trained hard for the event and put their best effort into the performance of their respective combat styles.

My personal reflection on this bout is one of admiration for both athletes. Although they could not be more different in terms of technique, they each showed remarkable resilience and determination to prove themselves, capable combatants.


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